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ALLAH's Messenger (ﷺ) said: Islam is based on the Following five (5) Principles:

To testify that none has the right to be worshipped but ALLAH and Muhammad is ALLAH’s Messenger (ﷺ)


To offer the (compulsory congregational) prayers dutifully and perfectly.


To pay Zakat (i.e. obligatory charity)

To perform Hajj. (i.e. Pilgrimage to Mecca)

To observe fast during the month of Ramadan.

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr

A man asked the Prophet (ﷺ) , “What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?”

The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, ‘To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know (See Hadith No. 27).


حَدَّثَنَا عَمْرُو بْنُ خَالِدٍ، قَالَ حَدَّثَنَا اللَّيْثُ، عَنْ يَزِيدَ، عَنْ أَبِي الْخَيْرِ، عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ عَمْرٍو ـ رضى الله عنهما ـ أَنَّ رَجُلاً، سَأَلَ النَّبِيَّ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَىُّ الإِسْلاَمِ خَيْرٌ قَالَ ‏ “‏ تُطْعِمُ الطَّعَامَ، وَتَقْرَأُ السَّلاَمَ عَلَى مَنْ عَرَفْتَ وَمَنْ لَمْ تَعْرِفْ ‏”‏‏.‏



Prayer Changes Everything

Prayer Changes Everything

Prayer is one of the miraculous methods to heal the people who are sick and someone who needed help. We need to spend some minutes to do it. Sometimes we are thinking, does it work? So the answer is it works. Just make sure you are praying with sincerity. Prayer (Dua)...

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Salah is the only way to Put Noor on your Face

Salah is the only way to Put Noor on your Face

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When the mu'azzin calls to prayer, Satan runs back vigorously. Salah is the second pillar of Islam, Muslims perform salah throughout the world in exactly the same way and in same method.There...

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Beautiful Azan

My Prayer – Step by Step Guide to Salah